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Derfuh Leads the Way with Aroma Microcapsules, Igniting Endless Innovation Across Industries!

Derfuh Leads the Way with Aroma Microcapsules, Igniting Endless Innovation Across Industries!

  • 2023-08-15

Derfuh Nanotechnology boasts exceptional expertise in the field of microcapsules, enabling the reduction of microcapsule particle size. This technology finds prominent applications in industries such as paper, dye, and coatings. We are now applying this innovative technique to essential oil microcapsules developed by the Forestry Experimental Institute of the Council of Agriculture (COA), exploring the advantages of microcapsules and their potential future applications.


To begin with, it is well known that natural essential oils have strong volatility, making them susceptible to external factors such as air, sunlight, humidity, and temperature, resulting in rapid dissipation of their fragrance. However, through Derfuh Nanotechnology’s microcapsule technology, these volatile essential oils can be encapsulated within tiny capsules. Microcapsules with particle sizes ranging from 10 to 300 micrometers (μm) can bind with fibers, such as fabrics or paper, facilitating a gradual release of fragrance. This prolongs the retention of the scent, achieving a long-lasting effect and allowing users to enjoy the aroma for an extended period.



Furthermore, this technology is particularly advantageous in combining essential oils with residual wood and bamboo materials, leading to the development of various cultural and creative products like scented postcards, desk calendars, canvas bags, etc. This enables users to experience delightful fragrances in their daily lives. This approach also resolves the challenges of costly equipment and high production expenses traditionally associated with microcapsule manufacturing, rendering the technology more commercially viable.


Beyond applications in the cultural and creative sector, this technology can also be employed to create environmentally friendly "paper soap" products by combining paper made from residual wood and bamboo fibers with essential oils extracted from Taiwan cypress leaves and mountain pepper fruits. This not only promotes the efficient utilization of forestry waste but also introduces fragrance and antibacterial effects into everyday life, making it a valuable companion during epidemic periods.


The microcapsule technology can also be widely used in household cleaning products, including laundry detergent, fabric softener, and air freshener, significantly extending their efficacy and fragrance.


In summary, microcapsule technology represents a future trend. It not only extends the retention of active ingredients and enables gradual release, achieving prolonged effectiveness, but also holds diverse applications. Derfuh Nanotechnology's microcapsule technology is poised to unlock new possibilities in industries such as paper, dye, and coatings, as well as drive innovation in cultural and creative product development. Let us anticipate the commercialization of this outstanding technology, bringing forth more creative and valuable contributions to society.   (END)